A Visit to the Children's Museum of the Arts

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As we are located in the hub of the arts, nyc, we wanted to use that advantage to share what's going on in and around the town. I think a lot of moms are interested in the art education and activities for their kids, whether it be a one-time visit, or a long-term program. The Children's Museum of the Arts in Manhattan's West Village seems to be a perfect place to bring kids to expose them to some art experiences that are meant for children's level of interests.

The museum has currently on view "Drawn to Language" and we found these. The focus is on showing language in various forms of words. It's fun to see different materials form words and examine how meaning of the words change and the point is clear and easy to explain to the children. 

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A Peek Into Our 2015 Spring/Summer Swim Collection

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We thought it would be nice to give an introduction to our 2015 spring/summer Swim collection. While the lookbook itself tells a lot of the concept we tried to achieve, a little explanation about the season's prints and inspiration could get you a more thorough understanding of what Floatimini does with our design.


For the new season, we loved objects and repetition seen in a lot of Andy Warhol's artworks. As we know so well, his own unique mass-production technique has become a style in the commercial world.   

Warhol's love for everyday objects printed flat and repeated on canvas has inspired our prints to develop into Ribbon, Palm tree and Tomato prints. While the prints are repetitive with some shade effects, we also wanted to make sure it speaks to the children who will wear and play in them. 


Look for these prints in our 2015 LOOKBOOK. They will be available online when this winter goes away. 

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